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NVQ Assessment And Training At SuperSkills

Thousands of people have succeeded in getting their construction qualifications at SuperSkills.  Join them and take advantage of our outstanding NVQ Assessment and Training services.

Accredited by CITB-Construction Skills, SuperSkills can offer NVQ Assessment and Training courses for people in many construction trades:

These are our most popular NVQ Assessment and Training courses, but as SuperSkills is accredited to provide over 70 different construction qualifications, you should always call 01845 527 445 if you don’t see the qualification you need here.

Changes to the CITB CSCS Card Scheme mean that you need to be Registered for or hold a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) to work on building sites.  In addition, Local Authorities, Government Agencies and many Companies require all workers to be qualified before they will award a contract to builders.  Don’t worry!  From the first time you call, our sole purpose will be to help you get the right qualification in the simplest manner that suits your requirements and experience.

There are three ways to get your NVQ:

SuperSkills offers both Level 2 and Level 3 assessments and can guarantee the simplest, quickest and most convenient service, from the first time you contact us to sending your certificate.

Whenever we speak to people about Apprenticeships, they get a mental image of a spotty youth, just out of school, working on site four days a week and spending the fifth in College.  However, the Apprenticeship scheme has changed and bears no relation to that description.  There is no age limit and every Apprenticeship training programme brings the benefit of Government Grants, which are, in many cases, added to by Local Authority Schemes.  Take a look at the National Apprenticeship Service Website.  There have been changes to the way in which Apprenticeships are funded and delivered.  Take a look here.

On Site Assessment and Training for a National Vocational qualification is suitable for people who have some site experience and are probably working very well as members of a team or undertaking straightforward tasks with plenty of supervision.  They will not be qualified and there will be advantages in terms of their productivity and capability from getting the additional training that goes with gaining their NVQ.  SuperSkills can provide simple and straightforward advice, followed by a speedy and convenient NVQ Assessment and Training programme that will get you qualified as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can get a “Trainee” CSCS Card that gains access to building sites whilst you are going through the assessment process.  You can get more detail here, or call 01845 527 445.

Experienced Worker Practical Assessment is only available to workers who have at least five years general site experience and has really been designed to overcome the problem of the tens of thousands of construction workers who have gained their skills over many years, but never got formal qualifications.  This is a “Fast Track” process that brings evidence from the workplace by way of testimonials compiled by tradespeople about the way an individual complies with the National Occupational Standards.  On completion, the worker gains not only the NVQ, but the “Skilled Worker” Blue CSCS Card.  See full details of the process here, or call 01845 527 445.

Despite what you might see in some adverts, you can only gain the “NVQ” by going through some form of workplace assessment and training.  It is simply not possible to get one by just taking a training course.  See why here.

Level 3 NVQ Assessment and Training is available at SuperSkills.  Contrary to some myths, you do not have to have a Level 2 NVQ already to go through a Level 3 training programme.  You can start as a Level 3 “Jumper”, a term used for somebody who has already been operating at the level of the qualification and who does not need to undergo the Level 2 training process.

It is fair to say we get numerous enquiries from very experienced construction workers for this qualification, but because we provide completely impartial advice to meet your individual needs, most realise they only need a Level 2 to get on site and save the extra money involved in getting the Level 3 initially.  (It’s always refreshing to know that many of them remember how fair we are and subsequently use SuperSkills for their Level 3 assessment later.  That’s the benefit of being straight with people for you!)

Level 3 is always undertaken by On Site Assessment and Training – there is no “Fast Track” route.  The difference with the approach to Level 2 is the units of qualification are more rigorous, but the basic process is the same.  As always, we support you every step of the way.  Level 3 NVQ’s will get you the Gold “Advanced Craft/Supervisory” CSCS Card.

01845 527 445 for more details about NVQ Level 3 NVQ Assessment and Training.  Alternatively, just fill in the form on this page.

Paying for NVQ Assessment couldn’t be easier with SuperSkills – we were the first training provider to introduce an Easy Payment Scheme and all our training programmes may be undertaken by stage payments.  In addition, because of our position as an approved provider to the Government’s Skills Funding Agency, we can access grants for people to undertake their training programmes, subject to their individual eligibility and the nature of the training being undertaken.  We do not surcharge for credit cards, enabling our clients to stage their payments individually if they wish.

So – don’t delay obtaining your qualifications – call 01845 527 445 or fill in the form above – you will receive free and impartial advice and soon be on your way to getting the training and qualifications to succeed and earn more money!