Business As (Almost) Usual…..

Coronavirus Particle

Update – as time has moved on, so have the circumstances surrounding Covid-19.  Presently, SuperSkills is fully open and conducting assessments as normal.  Call 01845 527445 to book and we will give you any later information.

Everyone has been taken aback by the sudden increase in Corona Virus infections across the world.Coronavirus Particle

That a pathogen of this nature can make its way across the globe in such a short time – inflicting illness and even death along the way seems hard to comprehend – and our hearts go out to those made ill or who have died or lost loved ones.

It’s a sign of our times that air travel and the ease of access to it have no doubt contributed to the present circumstances.

But it is also heartening to know our public servants plan for these things and have the scientific knowledge to give effective and timely advice to politicians with the unenviable task of leading the country through these events.

Today’s news comes apace – the Premier League games for this weekend called off; the first two Grand Prix postponed; an ever-increasing count of people infected.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom – although people buying up all the hand sanitiser in Tesco and promptly putting it on Amazon would provide a contrary argument – there have already been some outstanding examples of folk who have helped others who have been in difficulty.  There’s no doubt we will see the best of humankind amongst the (relatively few) examples of selfishness over the next few weeks.

And in the meantime, we need to keep to the Government advice about self-isolating if we think we have been infected by the virus and making sure we do not pass it on.

And hand-washing.  Given the seriousness of the situation, it’s amazing that such a routine activity can have so much effect.  But it does, for which we should be thankful.

Every business should by now have put into place a planned response to these events and SuperSkills is no exception.

We are fortunate to have the ability to arrange for colleagues to work at home, so the only people in the business are those who have to be there at any one time.

Our assessment centre runs on the basis of very few candidates being assessed together and as you can imagine, every precaution we can think of is in place.

And whilst we always take a deposit from people when they book their assessment date, we have today put into place a means by which people don’t worry losing that deposit if they fall ill or have had to commence a period of self-isolation.

And now we wait – hoping this will pass during the next few weeks and months.  Praying it will not effect our friends and families.  Worrying about the long term impact on the economy as a whole and the livelihoods of people who work in construction.

But also making sure we continue to offer that helping hand, to provide the services our customers have come to value and to keep our business running in tough times.  We’re lucky to have built-in resilience, a product of being around for a long time and we are no strangers to hard work.

So, as the title says – “Business As (Almost) Usual”  – and let’s plan for the worst, whilst hoping for the best.