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If you need Construction training or NVQ Assessment we promise you the quickest, simplest and most convenient way of getting your qualifications and CSCS Card you will find! 

SuperSkills Construction Training & NVQ Assessments will get you the CSCS Card you need

We get calls every day from people who have never needed a CSCS Card, or who have managed to “get by” on card that’s not trade-specific, but who now find they have to have one.

SuperSkills makes things as simple as possible for you to get back to work, or get rid of the risk you may get sent off site. 

We’ll undertake all aspects of the training and assessment quickly, simply and conveniently, taking the problem over and getting things sorted for you.

There are strict standards we have to comply with – as a general rule you will have your CSCS Card by about three weeks after a successfully completed assessment.

Why Choose SuperSkills?

SuperSkills Construction Training is a trusted brand, approved by the Construction Industry Training Board and recognised by construction workers across the country.

This is because of our Quick, Simple and Convenient construction training services, our ability to help people get the right qualifications as soon as possible using our “Fast Track” route and our unique Easy Payment Scheme.  You can call us on 01845 527 445 for Free Advice at any time.

Since 2006, we have helped thousands of people get their NVQ’s and Blue or Gold CSCS Cards.  Join our band of satisfied customers – and take advantage of our “Cash Back” referral scheme!

Choose The Right NVQ For You

Whilst SuperSkills provides Construction NVQ Assessments in over sixty trades, you will find the most regular ones listed below – just click the links to get the details.  Don’t worry if you do not see the qualification you need, call us and we will try and help.  Please note, we do not offer basic training or Plant qualifications.

CSCS Labourer Card Courses
Bricklaying NVQ Courses at Level 2 and Level 3
Building Maintenance Courses at Level 2
Carpentry & Joinery  NVQ Courses at  Level 2 and Level 3
Door, Gate & Shutter NVQ Courses at  Level 2
Dry Lining & Interior Systems NVQ Courses at Level 2
External Rendering NVQ Courses at Level 2
General Construction Operations NVQ Courses at Level 2
Multi-Trade NVQ Courses at Level 2
Occupational Work Supervision Courses at NVQ Level 3
Painting & Decorating NVQ Courses at Level 2 and Level 3
Plastering and Rendering NVQ Courses at Level 2 and Level 3
Roofing NVQ Courses at Level 2
Wall & Floor Tiling NVQ Courses at Level 2 and Level 3

Assessment Method

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Most of our Construction Training courses and NVQ assessments are available using our CITB-Approved Fast Track “Remote Assessment” route. This is for experienced workers and you get to choose which route is best for you.  Some are only available by On Site Assessment by the assessor in your workplace.  Click the link and fill in the form or call us today and get some FREE Advice about your options.

Please note – SuperSkills provides Construction NVQ Assessments for existing trades. Basic training for beginners is available through local Further Education Colleges.  Just Google “Further Education College” [Name of your town] and you will be able to get in touch with them.

Construction Training Courses at SuperSkills are assured by the CITB
SuperSkills Construction Training is an Approved Training Organisation for the purpose of CITB Grants

SuperSkills delivers qualifications from CSkills Awards, the leading awarding body in the Construction Sector.  Additionally, SuperSkills is a CITB Approved Training Organisation.  You can find us on the CITB register. Businesses registered with the CITB can claim achievement grants for the qualifications they achieve using our services.

SuperSkills provides construction training and  NVQ assessments for JobCentres to help unemployed people.

SuperSkills has a contract with the Department For Work & Pensions (DWP). They can give grants to unemployed workers so they can come off benefits and get back to work. If you are unemployed, receiving benefits and need your NVQ, call us on 01845 527 445 today!  We will tell you how to get your Construction NVQ Assessment arranged. We will liaise with the DWP Work Coach to help you get your NVQ sorted.

CITB Grants and Tax relief

If you have a construction business, we will explain the CITB Grants to you. This means you can claim the amount you are entitled to for achieving qualifications. Don’t forget, Grant is available to both direct and indirect (self-employed) labour. Just call and we’ll talk you through it.

Even if you can’t get grant support, you will be able to claim the assessment cost against your tax.

There is a reason SuperSkills has such a good reputation in the trade – we give you FREE, IMPARTIAL ADVICE. This is so you get the right qualification to suit your requirements.  Please don’t be disappointed if we recommend another training provider! (This may include Chartered Institute of Building qualifications.) We’ll only recommend what we think is best for you and your career in construction.

You don’t pay anything until you book onto an assessment programme. The price we quote will be the price you pay – no hidden charges at SuperSkills!

Construction Training & NVQ’s

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