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Get On The Fast Track To Your Level 3 Plastering NVQ & Gold CSCS Card

  • Quick & Simple Remote NVQ Assessment
  • One-to-One Support
  • CITB Approved NVQ
  • 4 – 6 Weeks To Qualification
  • No Hidden Charges – £1150 Including VAT
  • Easy Payment Scheme 1x£400 3x£250

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or Click ‘Get Free Advice’ to fill in our contact form.

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For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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This qualification is the CSkills Awards Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Plastering via a Fast Track route and will lead to you being able to get your Gold CSCS “Skilled Worker” Card.

SuperSkills is a CITB Approved Training Organisation

At SuperSkills, all our assessments are overseen by NOCN_CSkills Awards – the leading awarding body for construction qualifications.

SuperSkills is a CITB-Approved Training Organisation.

You will be able to get a Grant of £600 on achievement of the NVQ if you or your business is registered with the CITB.

You can always call us on 01845 527 445 for FREE advice about the best way for you to get your NVQ and CSCS Card.

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Many people who call us about getting their NVQ initially ask for the Plastering NVQ Level 3 – but they really only need to get a CSCS Card for working on site.

We almost always save people money by explaining all they need to do is undertake an assessment for the Level 2.

If all you want is a CSCS Card and Level 2 will meet your needs, take a look here.

SuperSkills REMOTE ASSESSMENT ROUTE for Plastering NVQ Level 3 is the best assessment process for Plasterers who have considerable experience and are doing more complex plastering work.

There are also some ‘supervisory’ aspects of the qualification – it is suitable for people who lead groups of workers. However, unlike the Occupational Work Supervision NVQ Level 3, it certifies your advanced level of trade skills.

The entire assessment process is conducted remotely – saving cost and inconvenience. We send you the details of how to get the evidence of your skills that is required and your assessor guides you through the process. 

You don’t lose any time off work and complete the qualification at a pace that suits you. If you’re not sure about having enough experience, we will advise you. You can see all our Plastering NVQ assessments here.

Five Simple Steps To Your Plastering NVQ Level 3

  1. Give Us Your Details To Get Registered
  2. Complete Our Simple Documents
  3. Get Photos & Videos Of Your Work
  4. Nominate Someone To Provide A Witness Testimony
  5. Have A Professional Discussion With Your Assessor

Registration For The NVQ

When you call, we take all the details we need to register you with the Awarding Body – NOCN_CSkills Awards. CSkills is the leading awarding body in construction. SuperSkills has been with CSkills Awards since 2007.

Once you are registered, you can get a Red ‘Experienced Worker’ CSCS Card if you want. We send you a copy of your registration report from the awarding body and you apply to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) for the card. You will need to have passed the CITB Health & Safety test for Site Operatives within the last two years. You can book a CITB Health & Safety Test here.

Completing Documents

To save you time and difficulty, we send your documents using an online system.

They are all designed to be as simple as possible and are automatically passed back to us when completed.

If you prefer, we can send paper copies. The choice is yours!

Getting Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos For Your Plastering NVQ Must Be Of You Working
Photos & Videos For Your Plastering NVQ Must Be Of You Working

First things first – this has to be your work as a Plasterer. (Some years ago, a candidate tried to pass off photos that weren’t his. One of our staff recognised them from the B&Q website.)

Most plasterers have videos of jobs they have done. That’s great – but we need to see you working. Your assessor will guide you as to what is needed. You can take them with a mobile phone if you want. (We don’t need you to be Stephen Spielberg.) Just as long as the picture is clear and shows what you are working on. Keep the videos short – there’s a limit on file sizes for transfer. We set you up with a folder to put your files in. We can help you with file transfer if needs be.

Witness Testimony

This has to be from somebody who is in the trades and knows your work. They do not have to be plasterers, but need to know what they are talking about.

Site Agents, Lead Contractors, Colleagues Employers, or if you only do ‘domestic’ jobs, other trades who have worked with you. Their knowledge of your work must be recent. The last three years is a good guide.

Your assessor will guide you as to who might be a good ‘witness’ in your case and will contact them to get their confirmation of your skills as a plasterer.

The Professional Discussion

Professional Discussion for Painting NVQ

When all the evidence has been gathered, the assessor will arrange your Professional Discussion with you. Think of it as a chat about your life as a plasterer. We usually do this over a video link such as Zoom or Teams and it is recorded. It’s really important you aren’t nervous about this interview. You wouldn’t be on this programme if we didn’t think it’s right for you.

You will be talking about how you work and what you do. The assessor will gather evidence of your skills and knowledge from your answers.

This is the final part of the assessment. Your Plastering NVQ Level 3 is complete.

What Happens Next

SuperSkills has been getting people qualified (more than 6000 so far) since 2006. We’ve been with CSkills Awards since 2007 and have ‘Direct Claim Status’ for most of our assessments. That means when we have completed the assessment and gone through an internal quality assurance process, we can claim the qualification from the awarding body without further review.

(If you’re using our ‘Easy Payment Scheme‘ and you have an outstanding balance, we will call you to see if you want to pay it off at this stage. It’s entirely up to you. However, we won’t claim the qualification until the account is settled.)

When we claim the qualification, the awarding body will generate the certificate. They say 8 working days for this to happen. That’s two weeks in real time. Sometimes the certificate arrives within a week, sometimes three weeks. Usually it’s about two weeks. We have no control over this timescale.

The day the certificate arrives with us, we send an electronic copy to you. You can use this to apply for the Gold CSCS Card. We put the original certificate into First Class Post and it normally arrives with you the next day.

We pride ourselves on a quick, simple and convenient process that makes getting your NVQ Level 3 in Plastering as simple as possible.

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our form.

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Please rest assured – we never give this information to anyone else!

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