Dry Lining NVQ Courses – All You Need To Know About How To Get Your Dry Lining NVQ

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Dry Lining NVQ Courses

All you need to know about how to get your Dry Lining NVQ quickly, simply and conveniently.

Qualification Titles: 

The Dry LiningNVQ Level 2 Leads To The Blue 'Skilled Worker' CSCS Card

When you get the certificate for your Dry Lining qualification, you can apply for the Blue ‘Skilled Worker’ CSCS Card.

We send you the certificate electronically the day it arrives with us, together with instructions about how to get your card.

The original is sent to you the same day by first class post.

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How To Get Your Dry Lining NVQ Level 2

SuperSkills Dry Lining courses are for the Level 2 Certificate or Diploma for trades collectively described as ‘Interior Systems’ by Awarding Bodies.

We offer level 2 NVQ’s for Dry Lining Fixing; Dry Lining Finishing; Boarding and also Ceiling Fixing.

If you are looking for a different Interior Systems qualification, you are welcome to call us on 01845 527 445.

The reason some are certificates and some are diplomas reflects the amount of work required to achieve the dry lining qualification involved.

There are a number of routes you can take, depending on your experience.

For example, an Apprentice would attend a college for one day a week. The remainder of their training will be in the workplace.

Somebody changing careers could be considered for an Apprenticeship, but is more likely to go on a basic training course – also at a college. Please note – SuperSkills does not offer basic training courses. If you need basic training, contact your local Further Education college. Google ‘Further Education College [name of your town]’

Somebody who has gained experience on site but who needs a Dry Lining qualification will be assessed in the workplace. The assessment process will be based on how much experience they have. Somebody with many years of experience will be able to meet the standards fairly easily, but a person with more to learn will need more support.

SuperSkills specialises in getting people their Dry Lining NVQ’s quickly, simply and conveniently.

You can count on SuperSkills to give you Free, Impartial advice at all times.  Don’t forget, you are welcome to call us on 01845 527 445 to find out more at any time!

SuperSkills is a CITB Approved Training Organisation

SuperSkills is a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Approved Training Organisation.

You will be able to get a Grant of £600 on achievement of the NVQ if you or your business is registered with the CITB.

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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A most important point about getting your Dry Lining qualification – NVQ’s (the letters stand for National Vocational Qualification) involve your work being assessed in the workplace.  You cannot get your NVQ by just attending a training programme and you cannot just start getting assessed in a workplace until you have built up some experience.  See why knowing that is important.

What are National Vocational Qualifications?

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) mean the individual has met the National Occupational Standards for whichever job is involved.  To get the Dry Lining CSCS Card, you must have a Dry Lining NVQ.

Construction Industry Training Board

The Construction Industry Training Board sets the standards for SuperSkills Dry Lining NVQ Courses

Who Sets The National Occupational Standards?

These standards are set by Sector Skills Councils – bodies set up by Government.  They oversee the workforce skills across the country.  

You may have heard politicians talking about “Building the skills of the workforce” – what they mean is that employers are being encouraged to get their people qualified.  

The Sector Skills Council for the Construction Sector is the Construction Industry Training Board – which everyone knows as “CITB“.

What Are The Different NVQ Levels and What Do They Mean?

Level One is Foundation Level – this is where somebody would be if they had attended a basic City & Guilds or Construction Skills course.  They usually take ten to twenty days of training.

Level Two is a “Skilled Trades” level.  This is the Dry Lining qualification the vast majority of site workers have and the one that gets the Dry Lining CSCS “Skilled Worker” Blue Card.

Level Three reflects competence in the more complicated elements of the trade. Additionally, they will be somebody who has the skills to lead a team of trades on site.  They have a Gold CSCS “Skilled Worker” Card.

There are no ‘Level 3’ Dry Lining qualifications relevant to our customers – if you want a Gold CSCS Card as a Dry Liner, we recommend you get the Level 2 NVQ and then take the Occupational Work Supervision qualification.

Level Four and above are management level qualifications and holders of these have access to the CSCS Black Card.

Learn more about the CSCS Card Scheme.

SuperSkills Dry Lining NVQ Courses will get you the right CSCS Card
SuperSkills Dry Lining NVQ Courses will get you the CSCS Card you need

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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How To Get Your Dry Lining NVQ Level 2

SuperSkills On Site Assessment for the Level 2 Painting NVQ Assessment will get you the Blue CSCS Card for Painting
SuperSkills On Site Assessment for the Level 2 Dry Lining NVQ will get you the Blue CSCS Card

On Site Assessment and Training

This route is open to people who have general site experience.

If you are working as a dry liner but are unsure about your experience, call us on 01845 527 445 – we can give you some free advice about your options.

This route involves our Assessors establishing how you work on site  and seeing what level you are working at.

They will judge your work and skills against the National Occupational Standards.  This will establish the “gap” between your skills and those required for the Dry Lining NVQ Level 2.

They then agree an Assessment Plan with you.

The on site assessment process can be done by personal visits from the assessor, or – more quickly and simply – remotely. You will gather the evidence we need to see and discuss your work with your assessor.

You are always in the driving seat with SuperSkills – and you will get whatever support you need to get your Dry Lining NVQ Level 2.

Dry Lining NVQ Assessment - we need photos of you working
Dry Lining NVQ Assessments are carried out in your workplace

Some candidates are so experienced they can do the whole NVQ remotely, but others may need more support.  In that case the assessor will visit you, give you on-the-job training and undertake assessments of your work in person.

All the time, you will be building a file of evidence with photographs and any references you get from other trades.

Once the evidence is there to show you are operating at the standard of a Skilled Worker, the assessments finish.

Online Training At Your Convenience

Three Units of the qualification are delivered by an online learning package:

  • Health & Safety
  • Productive Working Practices
  • Moving and Handling Resources

This training is a combination of video presentations and knowledge checks. It’s very similar to watching a YouTube video when you want to know something. After watching the video, you answer questions. We provide support at any time to help you go through the course.

We give you the details of how to access the training, you go online in your own time to complete the package and your assessor will give you feedback about it.

You will be awarded your Level 2 NVQ Diploma or Certificate from NOCN_CSkills Awards – the leading awarding body in construction.

Download a copy of the qualification specification here.

There are other Interior Systems qualifications available from NOCN_Cskills Awards – if you don’t see the one you want here, call 01845 527 445 and we will help you.

How Much Does The Dry Lining NVQ Level 2 Cost?

Our fully remote service is only £775 including VAT – and that’s all you pay with SuperSkills. There are no extra charges for ‘immediate registration’ or ‘fast track completion’.  You will know before you start exactly what you are getting and  how the payments will be made.

What if I don’t have the experience for the fully remote service? 

We may arrange for the assessor to support you more with a site visit just to help you. We can provide further training in dry lining skills if you have only been working for a short time. 

That’s why the price of your dry lining assessment may range from £775 to £1325 (again including VAT). It depends on the amount of assessor time involved. The vast majority of candidates pay only £775 for their dry lining NVQ.

Rest assured, we will charge you the lowest price possible to get your Dry Lining qualifications & CSCS Card. You will know how much you will be paying before you decide to choose SuperSkills!

Pay For Your Assessment With Our Easy Payment Scheme

Easy Payment Scheme

SuperSkills has an ‘Easy Payment Scheme’ – you pay the same but spread your payments to make your NVQ even more affordable. See here for details.

What happened to the ‘Experienced Worker Practical Assessment’?

A couple of years ago, the majority of our experienced candidates came to SuperSkills for a practical assessment. Try as hard as we might, getting all the references to that route of assessment off the Internet seems impossible. We get calls regularly from people who have seen it. They ask us why they can’t get their dry lining qualification by practical assessment.

There’s a simple answer. “Covid” – which limited people’s ability to travel (and their willingness to do so). Covid also put up both the accommodation costs and price of materials. We didn’t want to pass that onto our customers.

At the same time the Awarding Bodies decided that evidence could be gathered by the candidate in their workplace. That, plus easy use of telephone and video calling, meant we could offer assessments remotely.

It also meant we could reduce the price of the assessment. That’s right – we passed our savings onto you!

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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How To Get Your Dry Lining Qualifications Through An Apprenticeship

And finally, for completeness, something no longer offered at SuperSkills. By taking an Apprenticeship. Your employer releases you for training, you get the Certificate/Diploma (and qualifications in Literacy and Numeracy if you don’t have them) at a training school.

By the time the Apprenticeship training concludes, you have all the theory and the practical skills and you have been assessed as being able to put them into practice at work.

At the end of the Apprenticeship you go through ‘End Point Assessment’ to achieve your NVQ in Site Carpentry.

Since changes to the way in which Government funds Apprenticeships, SuperSkills no longer offers this route to qualification.  The best place to look for a Carpentry Apprenticeship is via the National Apprenticeship Service.

For young people in particular, an Apprenticeship is the best way to get a qualification in a construction trade, including Dry Lining. Up to age 19, your training is free. Contact your local Further Education College for information. (If you don’t know about your local college, Google ‘Further Education College [name of your town]’.

At SuperSkills we know the vast majority of our customers are looking for qualifications that can be obtained quickly, simply and conveniently.  That’s why we are always on the end of the telephone if you want to talk about the best qualification route for you.  Call 01845 527 445 to find out more.

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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