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Welcome to SuperSkills – Our Job Is To Help You Get Qualified!

Company Details

SuperSkills is a privately-owned Limited Company (Registration Number 6055106), trading under the name “SuperSkills Construction Training“.

The Directors are Peter & Suzy Walker, who started the business in 2007.

SuperSkills operates throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland – but we can support candidates from elsewhere in the world when required.

Courses & Qualifications

SuperSkills provides NVQ Assessments at Levels 2 & 3 for numerous trades.

In addition, the company has an online training system to provide accredited construction-related Health & Safety training to help employers and sole traders meet their legal obligations.

SuperSkills is a CITB Approved Training Organisation

SuperSkills is a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Approved Training Organisation.

You will be able to get a Grant of £600 on achievement of the NVQ if you or your business is registered with the CITB.

SuperSkills is regularly audited by the Construction Industry Training Board and NOCN_CSkills Awards to make sure our assessments continue to meet the high standards they require.

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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NVQ Assessments For:

Our Assessment Team

All SuperSkills assessors are practising tradespeople and have decades of experience in the trade they are going to assess.

The consistently high levels of feedback (and in particular the appreciation of assessor’s levels of knowledge) they receive from candidates bears testament to the attention we give to customer satisfaction at SuperSkills.

Company History

Established in 2007, SuperSkills quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality construction training courses. This was recognised by local schools, employers, people wanting to start their own businesses and those wanting to repair or renovate their houses.

Despite the downturn in the economy and a recession in the Construction Sector, SuperSkills continued to grow, winning contracts from the Government to help unemployed people to get back to work and give a first step on the ladder to young people on Apprenticeships.

Our progression has been steady and over the years we have focussed more and more on those things we do best – which has made SuperSkills a leading provider of Construction NVQ assessments in the UK.

Our Simple Formula

There is a simple formula to what we do – ask people what they want to achieve, then help them to do it.  On many occasions, this will include pointing a caller somewhere else – but our advice has always been and always will be Free and Impartial.  Call us for FREE ADVICE on 01845 527 445 or Fill In Our Contact Form.

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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We never put someone onto a programme we offer unless we know it is the right qualification for them.  For example, many people ask for NVQ Level 3 qualifications, but only require the Level 2 in order to get the CSCS Card they need.  Getting them the right qualification will save them £400.

Construction NVQ’s At An Affordable Price

We have used technology to make our assessments really affordable – candidates no longer pay for an assessor to come trailing halfway across the country to stand and look at them for half an hour.

Instead, we support candidates in providing video evidence of their skills we need to see, give them access to our online learning system and get them their qualifications in the quickest, simplest and most convenient way possible.

Pay For Your NVQ Assessment With Our Easy Payment Scheme

The price we quote is the price you will pay – no “hidden costs” at SuperSkills.  We were the first to offer an “Easy Payment Scheme” so you can pay in instalments for your NVQ assessment.  We do not surcharge for credit cards.

Accredited Assessors Delivering Accredited Qualifications

SuperSkills is accredited to deliver qualifications by NOCN_Skills Awards – the leading Awarding Body in Construction.  Formerly part of the Construction Industry Training Board, CSkills Awards is now part of the NOCN Group.

SuperSkills Qualifications Are Accredited by NOCN_Cskills Awards
SuperSkills is a Construction Industry Training Board Approved Training Organisation

SuperSkills is registered with the CITB as an Approved Training Organisation – CITB Grants are available to eligible businesses for all the qualifications we offer.

All the assessors at SuperSkills have specific qualifications and experience in their skill subject areas. Additionally, they have undertaken the necessary training and accreditation to teach people and assess their work for the purpose of achieving qualifications.

All our staff operate within the guidelines contained in the Construction Industry Training Board National Occupational Standards and NOCN Group Policies. Our delivery is regularly subject to quality assurance by NOCN_CSkills Awards – the leading awarding body in construction.

SuperSkills is open throughout the year and NVQ Assessment Courses run at times to suit the candidates.  No waiting until the start of “the next intake” at SuperSkills!  

NVQ Assessments are delivered in the workplace, and for the vast majority of our clients, we can offer a ‘Fast Track’ Remote Assessment Route for their qualification.  For people who have experience in their trade, this presents a Quick, Simple and Convenient way of getting their NVQ and CSCS Card.  Using this method, a candidate’s skills can be assessed by evidence gathering and Interview, together with an online assessment programme.

Where a candidate needs an assessor to visit them, we can offer this service in addition to the remote approach.  This On Site Assessment & Training Route is delivered in the workplace at times to suit the candidate.

You Can’t Get Your NVQ Without Workplace Assessment

We know that some training centres will tell will tell you an NVQ may be gained purely by attending a course. This is simply not true.

NVQs may only be achieved if the training programme includes work based assessment.

SuperSkills is based in Thirsk, Yorkshire, but our assessments can be carried out anywhere in the United Kingdom.

So, if you want to  get your construction NVQ’s, call 01845 527 445 and see what we can help you achieve!

Online Training Courses

SuperSkills works in partnership with Videotile Learning Limited to deliver a broad range of highly effective training courses that help employers and sole traders meet their legal obligations – particularly in regard to workplace safety.

Not only are these courses quick, simple & convenient, they also save significant time and money when compared with traditional ‘classroom based’ learning.

Health & Safety Courses

For further information, call 01845 527 445 or fill in our contact form.

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