Changes To CSCS Operatives Card For Labourers

CSCS Skilled Worker Card

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SuperSkills has received notification from the CITB saying:

Changes To CSCS Operatives Card For Labourers

From 1st July 2014 the green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card will no longer be issued.

There will be a new green CSCS card only available for people working in labouring occupations.

They go on to say:

“CSCS is a scheme for the construction industry that confirms site workers’ training and qualifications.

Many site workers who are carrying out skilled occupations have been applying for the green CSO card as the easiest route to gain access to construction sites.

This makes it difficult for contractors to use CSCS cards as a reliable method of checking that site workers have the appropriate skills to work on construction sites safely and effectively.”

This has implications for Employers and Trades alike and SuperSkills has already applied to CSkills Awards – CITB to make sure that people coming to us will be able to take their tests and get their cards after 1st July 2014.

If you work in a labouring occupation you can apply for the new green Labourer card.  You will need to:

Provide evidence that you have achieved one of the following:

Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment – This is what SuperSkills will be offering


CIEH Level 2 Award Health and Safety in the Workplace


One day Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness Course

So – If you think this applies to you or one of the people you employ, have a look at the list shown above and make arrangements to get the new card sorted out.

Don’t forget – SuperSkills is always ready to provide FREE advice to help people make the right choice.

To ask what you need to do, just give us a call on 01845 527445