Excavation NVQ Level 2 – On Site Assessment and Training

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NVQ Level 2 Excavation – On Site Assessment and Training

Do You Have Two Years Experience Undertaking Excavation Operations?

Getting your NVQ Level 2 in Excavation Operations by On Site Assessment and Training couldn’t be simpler!

Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – Excavation

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This Assessment For NVQ Gets You The Skilled Worker CSCS Card

This Assessment For NVQ Gets You The Blue “Skilled Worker” CSCS Card

Taking this qualification via the On Site Assessment route will lead to you being able to get your Blue CSCS “Skilled Worker” Card.

Level 2 On Site Assessment and Training process is for people who have some experience of working as excavation operatives and are now either (full or part time) using the trade they want to have assessed.

Click Here Call Now You can always call us on 01845 527 445 for FREE advice about the best way for you to get your NVQ and CSCS card, or fill in the form on this page and we will contact you. This programme is completed by you whilst at work – the assessor will come to visit you on site, assess your skills and provide any training you may require to be regarded as working at “Level 2” against the National Occupational Standards for your trade.

You will learn key practical skills and knowledge in FOUR mandatory units:

  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Forming and finishing excavations manually in the workplace
  • Installing, maintaining and removing work area protection and safety equipment in the workplace

You will also learn key practical skills and knowledge in TWO of the following optional units:

  • Controlling, directing and guiding the operation of plant or machinery in the workplace
  • Identifying and marking the location of utilities apparatus and sub-structures in the workplace
  • Locating and excavating to expose buried utility services in the workplace
  • Preparing and operating powered units, tools or pedestrian plant, machinery or equipment in the workplace

There are no surprises and no “spot tests”.  The assessor will lead you through the process of getting a record of what your skills are as part of the NVQ Level 2 Assessment. We arrange with you the most convenient way to assemble the evidence required for you to receive your qualification. This will include seeing you work on site and discussing with you the experience you have gained.

With SuperSkills, you “Pay As You Go” and we make an arrangement with you as to how this will happen.  There are NO INTEREST CHARGES and NO ARRANGEMENT FEES.  See the full details here.

We pride ourselves on a personal, speedy and easy process that makes getting your General Construction NVQ Level 2 by On Site Assessment and Training as simple as possible. Click Here Call NowCall 01845 527 445 or fill in the form – find out just how simple getting your qualification can be!

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