Non-construction occupations do not require a CSCS card

These non-construction occupations do not require a CSCS card

This post should be read with our post about the withdrawal of Industry Accreditation (Grandfather Rights).

You might not need to get a CSCS Card at all!   These occupations are non-construction related, meaning these workers do not require a card to access sites.

If your occupation is non-construction related and your entry to site is refused because you do not hold a card, please direct the site manager to the CSCS website dealing with this issue.

Alternatively, they should contact CSCS directly via their Contact us page, providing details of your occupation, the main contractor’s name and the site address.

The CSCS will investigate and, if necessary, arrange for the site team to be contacted.

  • Aftermarket Vehicle Installer
  • Air Tightness Tester
  • ATM Installation Operative
  • Automated Material Handling Installations Operative
  • Car Parking Equipment Installer
  • Carpet Napping
  • Ceiling Hoists Shower/Bath Product Installer (NOT Plumber)
  • Cleaner
  • Contract Flooring Technical Representative
  • Curtain, Blind & Soft Furnishings Installer
  • Decorative Artist – Non Construction
  • Diving Board & Sports Equipment Installer
  • Drinks Equipment Installer
  • Drone Operator (Includes for Surveying)
  • Fabricator of Glass Supporting Systems (Unless carrying out remediation/maintenance)
  • Fire Extinguisher Engineer
  • Flat Pack/Free Standing Furniture Installer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Gaming and Leisure Equipment Installer
  • Geodetic Engineer
  • Geographer
  • Gym & Sports Equipment Installer
  • Haulier
  • Hydraulic Pump Installer .
  • ICQ Operative – Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Locksmith
  • Marquee Erector
  • Metal Detecting
  • Move Manager (Relocation)
  • Osteologist
  • Osteology and Funerary Archaeology
  • Overhead Patient Hoist Installer
  • Professional Radio Site Installer
  • Qualified Assessor
  • Qualified External Verifier
  • Qualified Internal Verifier
  • Refuse Chute Systems Installer
  • Removal and Storage Services
  • Safe/Vault Installer
  • Safety Boat Operator
  • Sales Negotiator/ Advisor
  • Seating Project Manager (visiting/inspecting only)
  • Seating Sales Negotiator
  • Security Guard
  • Site Nurse
  • Timber Frame Designer
  • Tool Hire Delivery Driver
  • Tool Hire Representative
  • Tyre Fitter
  • Upholsterer
  • Vehicle Cleaning Equipment Installer
  • Vending Machine Installer