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On Site Assessment And Training Route

All You Need To Know

What Is The On Site Assessment And Training Route?

The On Site Assessment and Training Route – generally known as “OSAT” – has been set up by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to provide a quick and simple means of checking somebody has the skills and capabilities to work in a trade.  The worker gets his or her NVQ Level 2 or 3 by a combination of assessment and workplace training, during which time they provide evidence they meet the National Occupational Standards for skilled workers at the NVQ Level required.

Why Did The CITB Make The OSAT Available?

The Construction Leadership Council (which comprises a Government Minister, senior leaders of some of the biggest construction companies and advisors in specialist areas) and the CITB wants to make sure everyone working in the industry meets the standards required to be able to do a good job.  That’s why they introduced the Construction Skills Certification Scheme in the first place.  But there are still tens of thousands of trades still working (and still doing an excellent job) who have never taken a qualification or had their skills assessed.  It was obvious that a means of assessing how competent people are was needed – hence the OSAT.

Who Is Eligible For OSAT?

It varies across the trades, but generally, only people who have got at least three years general site experience can take their Construction NVQ Level 2 by the On Site Assessment and Training route.

This does not have to be in the UK, although you must have used methods similar to those used here.

If you have more than five years  experience and do not require any further training, you should be eligible for Experienced Worker Practical Assessment. Do you want a Level 3 qualification?  SuperSkills can assess you and take you all the way to your Gold Card.  

How Long Does The Assessment Take?

Generally, you will go through the assessment and training in about three months for Level 2 and six months for Level 3.

What Is Involved In On Site Assessment?

Firstly, you will have a long conversation about your experience with your Assessor.  This will be the start of a relationship that will last throughout your time with us.  We take a real pride in the level of personal support and the information, advice and guidance our customers receive.  He will check you have chosen the right qualification and that the On Site Assessment and Training programme you are about to start will be tailored to your individual training needs as a construction worker.

Second, the Assessor will go through a process called “Skillsmatch”.

Every trade has a series of nationally-recognised competencies.  They are known as National Occupational Standards.  What they do is ensure that any Site Agent can look at somebody’s qualifications and know what that worker will be able to do on site.

To make that easier, the industry has adopted the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), which provides colour coded cards that can be produced and inspected – this is frequently done electronically at the start of employment.

The Skillsmatch will establish what level of skill you have.  The Assessor will explain what the national standard is for somebody at Level 2 or Level 3 and tell you what additional knowledge or capabilities you need to develop to be at that standard.  This meeting will end with an Individual Learning Plan detailing how you will progress to obtaining your qualification.

Thirdly, you will start to gather evidence about your work and building your “Portfolio” – which is a rather fancy name for the file you keep your record of work in.  Your Assessor will keep in touch with you – and you can call your Assessor at any time – to discuss your progress.  He or she will meet with you on site, to give you further training and to assess your work in the workplace.  This is an essential difference between an NVQ and a simple training course.  For National Vocational Qualifications, there must be workplace evidence of the candidate demonstrating his or her capabilities in the building site environment.

There will be three or four meetings usually for a Level 2 NVQ – don’t forget, we are starting with you having years of experience – during which the various Mandatory and Optional Units of the NVQ will be covered.

The length of time between these meetings will vary and the Assessor will tell you the type of work he needs to see you doing when a meeting is arranged.

For a Level Three qualification, there will probably be more meetings and Assessments and the time may be extended because the work you are undertaking has to be that which provides evidence of particular units of the qualification.  For example, a Level 3 Carpenter will need to evidence skills in roof timbers and joists.  He or she may not be undertaking roof work during a winter season, so the Assessor will wait until the candidate has that sort of work available.

Finally, you will be told by the Assessor you have met all the National Occupational Standards. Your file will be completed by the Assessor, who passes on for Internal Quality Assurance by our Lead Assessor.  At SuperSkills, all files are fully quality assured which is unusual – most centres just “dip sample” but we prefer to make sure everything is right in every file.

As soon as this is done, we are ready to award the qualification to you because we have Direct Claim Status for our qualifications.  This means that because we have consistently undertaken our assessments to the right standards, CITB ConstructionSkills are prepared to rely on our judgement when it comes to awarding their qualifications.

We will send you your certificate as soon as it arrives from the CITB, you apply for your new card and everyone is happy.

We pride ourselves on a personal, speedy and easy process that makes getting your qualification as simple as possible.

Which Qualifications Are Available For Experienced Worker Practical Assessment?

SuperSkills can assess you through On Site Assessment and Training for:

What Is The Cost?

On Site Assessment and Training for Level 2 Qualifications is £1325 including VAT.  Level 3 NVQ’s cost £2600, again including VAT, reflecting the additional assessor time involved.

There is an Easy Payment Scheme – you pay in instalments and we agree the amounts and the payment schedule with you before you start.

The cost of the assessment is fully tax-deductible and you should retain your invoice/receipts to submit to your accountant or with your self assessment tax return.  

Why Can’t I Get This Level Of On Site Training And Assessment Near Where I Live?

For which include “Through my local College”; “In the next few weeks” “In Scotland” and so on.  The simple answer is – Not many training businesses are prepared to be as flexible and customer focused as SuperSkills.  You call – we answer.  You email, we call you.  You need advice – we give it.  We don’t offer what you really need – we tell you about a better alternative.  Assessments at weekends – no problem – and we were the first to offer them.  Easy Payment Scheme – we were the first to offer one of those as well.

Qualifications.  Quick, Simple, Convenient.

That’s what we do at SuperSkills.

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