Skills Assessments For Carpenters Emigrating To Australia


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Skills Assessments For Carpenters Emigrating To Australia

Many SuperSkills customers get their NVQ’s so they can emigrate.  For this reason, we have partneredSkills Assessments For Carpenters Emigrating To Australia with one of Australia’s leading construction training providers, Masters In Building Training, so we can provide skills assessments for Carpenters emigrating to Australia.

Working together, SuperSkills and MIBT can provide carpenters emigrating to Australia with the right advice, the right assessment process and both UK and Australian qualifications to make their visa application as strong as possible.

This means that by using SuperSkills assessment services to make sure you have the right level of experience and qualification in the UK and MIBT’s online training and assessment courses to gain Australian qualifications – including the Certificate III in Carpentry – we can make sure you are well prepared as your Visa application goes forward.

The partnership between SuperSkills and MIBT is unique in the UK and gives you access to leading construction training and assessment facilities in both countries.

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If you want to emigrate to Australia as a Carpenter, your first consideration should be the Offshore Skills Assessment Programme.  This has two “Pathways”  known as Pathway 1 and Pathway 2.

Pathway 1 is open to people who do not have Australian qualifications – the vast majority of Visa applicants in the UK will apply using this pathway.  Pathway 2 is restricted to those who already hold Australian qualifications.  You can see details of Pathway 2 here.

Skills assessments for Carpenters emigrating to Australia have to be conducted by a Registered Training Carpenters emigrating to australia need skills assessments regulated by Trades Recognition AustraliaOrganisation (RTO) and are overseen by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) – the Government body regulating standards and processes.  Masters In Building Training is an approved RTO.

There are four steps in getting your Skills Assessment to support your Visa application for Australia:

  1. Select Masters In Building Training as the TRA-approved RTO for your application – you do this by contacting SuperSkills in the UK on 01845 527445 or filling in the form on this page.
  2. Both MIBT and SuperSkills will help you submit decision ready* documentary evidence of your identity, skills and experience. MIBT will advise you what documentation is required. If the evidence indicates that you have the necessary skills and experience relevant to your nominated occupation, you will be invited to participate in a technical assessment with one of MIBT’s assessors.
    *“Decision ready” means:
    a) all documents requested by MIBT are provided when an application is lodged
    b) employment statements conform to the requirements set out in the applicant guidelines
  3. You will be required to participate in a Technical Assessment of your skills and knowledge. MIBT Assessor Interviewing CandidateAssessors are qualified Australian trades professionals as well as qualified building industry trainers.
    The assessor will focus on collecting evidence to determine if you meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Training Package qualification. This will involve a technical interview and may involve a practical demonstration of your skills and/or gathering evidence from third parties (e.g. your employers or other referees).  The Technical Assessment will be conducted at SuperSkills premises in Yorkshire.
    MIBT will discuss the assessment requirements with you prior to conducting the assessment. If during the technical assessment, MIBT’s trainer/assessor identifies any gaps in your skills and experience, they will discuss any training options that may be available you.  SuperSkills can undertake any training and assessment you require to get the right qualifications.
  4. If successful, you will receive a TRA – approved skilled migration outcome letter. This can be presented to the Department of Home Affairs with your visa application. Non-licensed occupation applicants will be awarded the relevant Australian trade qualification.
    Applicants who wish to progress to a current, identified Australian occupational licence and/or be awarded the relevant Australian qualification, must undertake further Australian context training and a period of supervised employment in Australia. The training covers Australian-specific knowledge such as workplace health and safety regulations, codes of practice and other Australian standards.

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