Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route (EWPA) – All You Need To Know

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Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route (EWPA)

All You Need To Know

What Is The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route?

The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) route for NVQ Assessment has been set up by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to provide a quick, simple and convenient means of checking somebody has the skills and capabilities to work in a trade.  It uses their experience as the evidence for saying they are competent.

Why Did The CITB Make The EWPA Available?

The CITB wants to make sure everyone working in the industry meets the standards required to be able to do a good job.  That’s why they introduced the Construction Skills Certification Scheme in the first place.  But there are still tens of thousands of trades still working (and doing an excellent job) who have never had their skills assessed.  It was obvious that a simpler way of getting assessed was needed – hence EWPAR.

Who Is Eligible For EWPA?

Only people who have got at least five years general site experience can take the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route.  The experience does not have to be in the UK, although you must have used methods similar to those used here.  If you do not have that experience, see our courses here. Do you want a Level 3 qualification?  Follow the “Courses” links at the top of this page to your chosen trade.

How Long Does The Assessment Take?

Generally, you will only need to be at the assessment centre for the Practical Assessment for one day.  SuperSkills provides a “one stop shop” facility.

What Is Involved In The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment?

Firstly, we will find out about your experience.  If we cannot do that on your initial telephone call, your assessor will call you for a chat about your experience – this is to make sure you don’t come for assessment when EWPA is not the best route for you.

There is no charge for this initial assessment of your experience, but it save a lot of difficulty when it is done properly and it means we don’t have people spending money on the wrong type of assessment.

If EWPAR is NOT the right way for you to get your qualifications, we will tell you and discuss alternatives, such as the On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) Route.

Second, we will arrange the date for your visit to SuperSkills.  At this point, we take a deposit to secure the date for you and send out your papers by First Class Post.

Painter Undertaking NVQ Level 2 EWPA Practical Assessment

Painter Undertaking NVQ Level 2 EWPA Practical Assessment

This paperwork includes Witness Testimonies, which is where you get people you have worked with or for to certify your ability to undertake your work to the appropriate trade standards.  These have to be completed by Tradespeople because whilst Mrs Miggins might be delighted with her extension, or the way you plastered her ceiling, that doesn’t necessarily mean she knows what a proper job should look like.

At this stage, you are gathering the evidence that shows you are a skilled worker.  Photographs of your work are helpful, but not evidential.  Bring them along and we will discuss them with you and put them into the file – but as anyone knows, a painted door may look great, but rarely tells you who actually did the work.  True story: Somebody once tried to pass off some photos as his work – but our office staff recognised them from the B&Q website…………………..he did not pass…………!

Thirdly, the big day arrives and you come to SuperSkills.  By this stage, some people are very nervous and our first job will be to make sure you are relaxed.  You will go through a Professional Discussion  with your Assessor – where you talk about the jobs you have done and he takes evidence from what you say to set against the Units in the qualification.

Expect this to be detailed and comprehensive.  But as with any interview, if you don’t know the answer, say so.  The Assessor’s job is to get the evidence from you and he will use an alternative way of getting it if needs be.

Take a look at photographs and videos of people taking the EWPA on our Facebook Page.

Finally, the Practical Assessment. Not many surprises here – and you will have had the plans for what you have to build for at least five days.  Brickies build walls, Carpenters create frames, Painters prepare surfaces and paint.

Imagine you are on site and you go to the Site Manager when you arrive.  You are given a job to do and told what is expected.  This is just the same.  Relax.  Manage your time.  Have confidence in your ability – by this stage we know how good you are.

After the practical assessment is over, the Assessor will judge whether your work meets the Occupational Standards and the Specifications laid down by NOCN_CSkills Awards – the Awarding Body for the qualification.  He will give you feedback and tell you if you have met the standards.

Your file will be completed by the Assessor, who passes on for Internal Quality Assurance by our Lead Assessor.  At SuperSkills, all files are fully quality assured which is unusual – most centres just “dip sample” but we prefer to make sure everything is right in every file.

EWPA Assessment For NVQ Gets You The Skilled Worker CSCS CardAs soon as this is done, we are ready to award the qualification to you because we have Direct Claim Status for our qualifications.  This means that because we have consistently undertaken our assessments to the right standards, NOCN_CSkills Awards are prepared to rely on our judgement when it comes to awarding their qualifications.

We will send you your certificate as soon as it arrives from the Awarding Body, you apply for your new card and everyone is happy.

We pride ourselves on a personal, speedy and easy process that makes getting your qualification as simple as possible.

What If I Don’t Meet The Required Standard?

If we have gone through the first stages with you (and you have been accurate in your description of your experience and skills), this should not happen.  However, sometimes people get nervous, occasionally they have too much beer when staying over the night before and we have even had a client who suffered a diabetic episode during the practical assessment.

The most important thing to remember is Experienced Worker Practical Assessment is not a “test even though people can see it that way.  It’s an Assessment based on evidence and we will have to work out with the candidate where we are going to get the evidence needed to meet the occupational standards.  That might be through further training and another assessment process.  We will work things out with you on an individual basis and agree a learning plan, then work together to be able to evidence all of the competencies and skills in the qualification.

Which Qualifications Are Available For Experienced Worker Practical Assessment?

SuperSkills can assess you through EWPA for:

What Is The Cost?

The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment is £975 including VAT.  The cost of the assessment is fully tax-deductible and you should retain your invoice/receipts to submit to your accountant or with your self assessment tax return.  There is an Easy Payment Scheme – you pay in 3 instalments.

Why Can’t I Get Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Near Where I Live?

For which include “Through my local College”; “In the next few weeks”;”In Scotland” and so on.  The simple answer is – Very few training businesses are prepared to be as flexible and customer focused as SuperSkills.  You call – we answer.  You email, we call you.  You need advice – we give it.  If we don’t offer what you really need – we tell you about a better alternative.  Assessments at weekends – no problem – and we were the first to offer them.  Easy Payment Scheme – we were the first to offer one of those as well.

Qualifications.  Quick, Simple, Convenient.

That’s what we do at SuperSkills.

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